There is an old saying “Health is Wealth” most of us don’t get this idea that health is something which is the most important factor in overall wellbeing, rest is just secondary primary aspect is health and health only. Most of us are blessed that we are normal and there is no disability involved in life, but some among us are not too lucky; they are alive but with permanent or temporary disability. Imagine somebody with no legs, imagine the dependence of that person on others, and imagine how difficult it could be for anybody to survive without legs or hands. There are medical centers and so much more out there which are taking care of everything related to disables and their issues. 

But think for a second that anybody who is treating or helping a disable person; how he/she should be trained so well that he/she could accurately handle this situation? In western countries there are degrees for almost everything right? Similarly in the field of medical sciences they have plenty of options available that a person can opt in order to make his/her career in that particular field. Just like what has been explained before certificate IV in aged care is a qualification that is something worthwhile in the sector of medical sciences. After attaining this certificate one is allowed to perform as an immediate worker, manager, and supervisor, assistant to help and support the client so that they can move, recover and perform to their maximum potential. There are some specific jobs for which a person can be hired only after gaining the certificate IV in disability.

Designations such as: recreation worker, behavioral support officers and respite officers are dependent on the qualification of certificate IV disability. Definitely to handle disables is something requires sensitivity, empathy factor and above all the sense to understand the kith’s and kin’s of it. According to a behavioral study; a disable person is not only physically deprived but also emotionally too, which means that emotionally a disable person is totally shattered and requires a lot of attention. Certificate IV in disability Sydney able a candidate to understand the psychology and mindsets of a disable person, facts about disability and many more. Furthermore, communication, augmentative communication skills are part of this course, which allows the candidate to get the deepest knowledge of behavior, legal and moral frameworks, rights and responsibilities related to disables, safety related to workplace and skill development of disables, so much so in order to give complete knowledge  this course provides approx.. 130 hours on job training (work placement) which makes the candidate eligible enough that he/she can perform this sensitive job responsibly.