Flute boards are actually a material which is paper based and is commonly used in the manufacturing of various kind of boxes. A more common name of the flute boards is the cardboards. The name flute boards are used due to the various types and designs that have been in the use of making cardboards. Because whenever we think of buying the cardboards or the flute board, we are less concerned about its design elements and due to this reason, we never come across the important design element in the which is the flute.

You may be familiar with the musical instrument flute but in case of cardboards the flute is the name of the design pattern which is similar to the waves. The cardboards or the flute boards have these flutes on them and the purpose of these flutes is to provide the strength in the flute board and not only this but it also helps in giving the insulation to the flute board due to which the package inside the cardboard is secured and safe from all environmental factors.

Although there is not just one kind of flute but the flutes have many different types and each one of this type has its own qualities and features. These vary in the size, thickness and the strength and used in the different flute boards to introduce these factors. Some of these flute boards type is discussed in this article.

The first type is the B flute type, this type of flute is used in the packaging of various kind of canned food and because these are easily printable therefore many companies and brands also use these in their marketing. Along with this the walls of these flute boards are thin due to which the space that these takes are very less and these could easily be placed. After B flute board comes the C flute board. These are one of the most popular ones and almost 80 percent of the flute boards are C flute boards. These are popular because these are very much strong and these are mostly used in the packaging of the products which are made from the glass and sometimes these are also used in the packaging of the furniture. After this comes the BC flute board, as the name represent this flute board is the combination of both B flute board and C flute board. Because it provides both features therefore it is referred as the twin cushion and this has been widely used in the Australia for the shipping of the items which are heavy in weight. Check this link to find out more details.

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Often we get into a situation when we have to treat some kind of water pipers and steel rods. They are used to grip them; multi grips are also used for the things that have a large size. You can tighten or loosen up the fittings with this multi grip tool. Wolfchester is a channel which provides you best quality of multi grips with the best rates, multi grips come in different sizes also. Wolfchester offers these multi grips in the best rates available in the market. They are durable and reliable; our products are the most reliable supplies in the whole Australia because we have a great experience of so many years. This is a pleasure and a proud to us that we give the best quality of products to our customers so that we also reach up to their expectations because it is a matter of trust that we want to develop amongst us and our customers. We have to keep building our reputation in the market for supplying the best quality of products manufactured by us only. We are one of the leading names in Australia which is a guarantee that our products are durable and reliable. When it comes to the customer’s satisfaction, we are the most conscious ones about, because their satisfaction is the only thing that matters to us, their feedback is important to us so that we can get help in building our esteem in the market and improving any sort of mistakes we have done in the past. In the view of that, we always try our best to improve our quality; this is the reason why we are in a much higher position than we were before when we started. Our team is much passionate about their work and they possess complete honesty with their work. Our quality of multi grips in our stores will always satisfy you completely. Here are some of the uses of multi grips:

Treating Water Pipes:

Water pipes are very hard to be treated; they need a perfect tool so that they can be treated accordingly. Multi grips are used to treat these kinds of pipes whether they want to be loosening up or tighten up.


Multi grips are also used for gripping any sort of rod we want to grip that cannot be gripped by hands; it could be a hot rod that cannot be hold by a naked hand, good quality multi grips are used for that too.

Adjusting the fittings:

Fittings are always settled up very tightly so that it doesn’t lose up when it gets into service. That’s why it is hard to loosen up or tighten up the fittings; we use multi grips for that.

Wolfchester offers quality of multi grips in different sizes and affordable prices.