Blocked pipes are most irritating thing. Block pipes can cause many problems. the most important problem cause by block pipe is taking bath, going in washroom and many other problems. It is most irritating thing occurs in home. Blocked pipes cause leakage issue in wall, ceiling and other places in home. Blocked pipes need immediate solution for problem. Moreover, it also needs professional solution of problem.

Causes of blocked pipes:


Hairs are biggest culprit to block pipes. In taking bath hairs startbreaking and starts draining. This causes blockage of pipes. Hair fall is become issue of today’s world due to climate change. The only possible way to get rid of this problem is pouring of acid, boiling water and water, vinegar solution in drains.


Soap is made up of greasy substance like fat and starch. Hair sticks with soap and starts forming blocking substance in drain. Most of time hairs and greasy substance cause the blocked pipes.  It is most common reason of blocked pipes.

Food waste:

Food waste cause blocked pipes. Installation of garbage drainer near sink helps to prevent throwing of food waste in sink. Tea and coffee grounds do not break down in drain and cause blockage of drain. Furthermore, oily and greasy things also causeblockage of drain because it solidifiesin drain and stop water or cause hindrance in flow of water.


Dirt is also main cause of blocked drains in brisbane. Dirt and mud in clothes and other things drain in pipes and cause blockage. To prevent blockage of dirt always shake and rinse clothes, shoes and other things. It helps to prevent blockage of pipes and keep them clean.

Mineral build-up:

Minerals build up can also cause blocked pipes. Most of time minerals build up issue arises due to hard water usage. People who use hard water mostly suffers the issue of mineral build up. To avoid blocking in pipes stop using hard wateruse soft water to keep pipes unblocked because soft water is good for flooring, kitchen and also pipes.

Small objects:

Small objects also cause blockage of pipes. Small children throw their small toys in bathroom. It drained out in bathroom and cause blocked pipes. To keep the pipes unblocked put eyes on child when he plays in home and especially around the bathroom. Also keep toys away when children take bath.

Toilet papers:

Toilet papers also cause blockage of drain. Manydrains become clogged due to massive numbers of toilet papers. To keep the pipes safe from blocking drown toilet papers carefully in dustbin. This keeps the bathroom pipes clean.

Tree roots:

Small crack in pipes attract trees to grow in pipes. This is also main cause of blocking of pipes. To prevent tree roots from growing in blocked pipes inspect drains, pipes time to time. Pressure jet and rooter service also help in removing of roots from pipe and keep them unblocked. Visit here for the best blocked drain services